Our Family Shouts “Hooray!”

Enjoying the end of a beautiful day at Michigan's Lakeshore

Enjoying the end of a beautiful day at Michigan's Lakeshore--what could be better?

Hooray!  Bravo!  Gold Star for YOU!

Things that make life a party–or at least a little more fun…

COSTCO GOURMET CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES: Oh man.  With milk, it’s perfection on your dessert tray.

TOP CHEF on Bravo: I think part of the reason I really love this show is because I can’t cook like these guys. I am flat-out amazed at what they whip up without a recipe and having never tried it before–EVER.   If I could reach into my TV on Wednesday nights to eat a piece of Kevin’s pork or Brian’s beef, Lord knows I would.  YUM.  Love it.

SEEDS FAMILY WORSHIP CDs:  My good friend Lyndsey told me about these and we’re building our collection!  Each of the songs are actual Bible verses set to music by great musicians–no cheezy keyboards or ‘Barney’ type sing-alongs here!  Even mom and dad love these almost as much as the kids!  Also, the website is fantastic; as I’m typing this entry I’m printing off flashcards and checklists for all the verses used in the songs.  What a great resource!

snackTAXI’s: Once called “Happy Sacks,” these cool cloth ‘lunch bags’ have made packing lunches easier and more earth-friendly at our house.  Worth the initial investment as long as you warn your children of their impending doom if they don’t bring the bags home!  Also great for impromptu kids’ wallets, baseball card holders, little girl jewelry holders, etc.

Jet’s Pizza: Two words:  Deep.  Dish.


Our kids getting "sworn in"

National Parks’ Junior Ranger Programs: Both this summer and last, while we’ve explored National Parks around the country, we’ve had our kids participate in the Junior Ranger Program.  Simply visit the ranger station and ask for the JR workbook which is full of info about nature and animals in the park.  By completing the pages in their age category, taking their family on a hike, and joining a junior ranger “class” offered by the park, kids can earn “ranger” status.  It’s a real accomplishment for them and a great learning experience, as well.  Also, if your kids are too small for all-day hikes or narrow trails, the Junior Ranger program provides something meaningful and age-appropriate to do while in the park.

PROJECT RUNWAY!! I love the creativity and marvel at how these people can be given a task and imagine the completed project in their heads within minutes.

More Coming Soon!

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