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Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: No-Shows

We’ve been trying to sell this sweet little kitten for a couple of weeks now.  I would’ve thought that some eager high-schooler would’ve snatched her up like a Dutchman crossing a penny in the street, but alas, no.  There have … Continue reading

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“Things I Don’t Understand” Thursdays: Actual Yahoo.com posts by people who don’t believe in grammar

“Open Question Hey guys my kid watch lazy town in his frend its calld nogin chanel ıhave verizon tv what is the chanel number?” If you don’t believe me, here’s the link. My high school English teacher would gauge her … Continue reading

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Treasures In Jars of…Ragu

Yesterday was grocery shopping day.  The flour and water paste I was contemplating was a viable option, but in the interest of not stunting my childrens’ growth, I fled to the store for something with a bit more color.  And … Continue reading

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Dressers Are Over-Rated

You know you have a laundry problem when your kids ask for clean clothes… …and you go to your dining room table to find them.

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Who Needs Whale Watching, Anyhow? Part 2

I know–I said I’d write this sequel on Thursday, and it just didn’t happen.  To all 4 of you out there waiting with bated breath, I’m sorry if the torture of suspense may have elevated your blood pressure or aggravated … Continue reading

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Who Needs Whale Watching, Anyhow?

As I think I’ve mentioned before, we started planning our Washington vacation in December while the kids sat transfixed in front a red-nosed reindeer and an elf with bad hair who wanted to be a dentist.  Actually, as my friend … Continue reading

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“It’s just a car…”

You know how your hands start automatically sweating when someone you barely know hands you their car keys and says, “And ya know, if something happens, just remember–it’s just a car”?  You let a little chuckle escape your lips and … Continue reading

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