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The Lure Of What I Don’t Have: A Confession

It’s been twenty months…twenty months…since I’ve really let myself trip, stumble, and generally get all out of sorts over stupid things. Well, let’s be honest: it’s been twenty months since I’ve decided to tell you about it. This Lent I gave up … Continue reading

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Leaving Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I’ve never been a big “shopper”…if by shopper you’re picturing a classy, well-manicured Breakfast at Tiffany’s 30-something clicking through the mall with a bouquet of bags bursting from the nook in her elbow. I prefer flip-flops and I’m not all that … Continue reading

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Easy Meal Idea With a Side of Smiles

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you will know that my kitchen prowess is, well, a bit unpolished. That is to say, I should have auditioned for Anne Burrell’s Worst Cook in America. I’m sure I could put on quite … Continue reading

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Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: Toy Packaging

Last week my daughter decided to use her long-saved-up birthday money to buy a new doll at Costco.  Maybe you’ve seen them?  They’re adorable American Girl look-alikes at about a quarter of the cost…which only makes them more adorable. Of … Continue reading

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Tales of Kitchen Woes [take 43]

For the love of all that is good and holy and remotely edible.  I swear to you that I can’t get a break with my attempts at preparing decent food–ever. A little back story: I am undergoing a grocery-related spending … Continue reading

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Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: Christmas in SEPTEMBER?!

Poor Baby Jesus. “Dear 8 pound, six ounce newborn infant Baby Jesus.  Don’t even know a word yet.” It’s bad enough that our society has gone to epic proportions to exploit his birth after Thanksgiving, but NOW we have to … Continue reading

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Husbands in Costco

Usually when I go to Costco I have my list of “necessities” ready to go; you know, like cheese, milk, cereal, bread…fondue set?? Just kidding about the fondue set.  But I am always amazed at how many things I end … Continue reading

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