Thoughts on Books and Music

… about me and the kinds of books and music that have been meaningful in my life.


PBThe Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver

A GREAT book–complex and compelling, yet readable in every way.  Each chapter is told through the eyes of a different character, and I was always surprised to see how each person viewed the same situation so completely differently.  Even though this is not a “Christian” book, it is about a family who moves to Congo to “convert” the Africans.  Lots to think about in regards to how we do/did mission work.

SOTAThe Shadow of the Almighty, Elisabeth Elliot

This book was transformational for me while I was in college and struggling with the idea of moving out of the country to do missions full-time.  The fact that Jim Elliot eventually lived, worked and died in South America [which is where I was when I read the book], only added depth to what I learned from his amazing life of sacrifice.


Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Rob Bell & Don Golden

I really resonated with this book; for me it perfectly addressed the question of why it matters that we’re Christians on this side of Heaven.  When I was growing up I felt that Christianity was mostly about ‘getting into Heaven,’ which may be true, but it should be much more than that.  Packed with social justice themes, this book will make you think twice about why you follow Jesus–if you do.

CT Cold Tangerines, Shauna Niequist

I read this book last year while on vacation and found it to be a great escape.  Shauna’s imagery transported me into each moment.  The fact that this book is a collection of essays celebrating the ordinary but wonderful things in our lives made it a refreshing read.

The Hiding Place, Corrie TenBoomhiding_place35

Hands-down, this is one of those classic works of non-fiction that everyone should read.  It is the story of Dutch Christians who hide and protect Jews during the Nazi rise to power; as you read, the force of the past will suck you in with disbelief and horror.  If you’ve never read it, add it to your list immediately and ask yourself, “If I were living then and there, would I have had the courage to do the same?  To act the same?  To *believe* the same?”  Corrie’s life and the lives of her family members are testaments to God’s power, available to us all.


Right now I’m listening to [BESIDES the Indigo Girls]:

Brandi Carlile [falling in love!]

Meg Hutchinson [saw her at a house concert and fell more in love]

The Weepies

John Mayer

Joshua Radin

Ray LaMontagne

Catherine Feeny

Fernando Ortega [if you’re a fan, you MUST get his Shadow of Your Wings CD]


Rich Mullins [a classic that will never sound old to me; great for running]

Ingrid Michaelson

Random worship songs [also my favorite for running]

Parenting Blogs


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