“Hi, I’m Jane”

Enjoying the grass in my front yard                          *photo by Kamarah, BNE

Enjoying the grass in my front yard *photo by Kamarah

Pull up some grass and let’s talk.

If you’ve read any of my entries, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a married mom and a deep thinker.  We have three wonderful kids and a great dog who never fails to keep life interesting.  Living in West Michigan means that we endure long winters decorated with ample amounts of snow, making it all the more beautiful to welcome spring and summer.  Our family loves to spend time together, travel, play, and do our best to live out the Way of Jesus as Christians.

Some things I enjoy personally, in no particular order, are:

the Indigo Girls [ok, that’s in order, because I absolutely love their sound and poetry]

visiting apple orchards in the fall and then making homemade pie and smelling the house warm up with cinnamon

the sound of waves, the smell of the beach, toes in sand, sun on my face

campfires with great friends

staying up late

pizza and Coke [in a glass glass with ice and a straw]

acoustic guitars that squeak when the player changes chords

kids laughing

looking through old pictures and remembering the gift of those moments

running and praying at the same time


my church

I hope that you may be blessed by the ramblings that come from all my keyboard clicking!  Please send this blog on to a friend and leave your thoughts in the comment area!  I’d love your feedback 🙂

Peace, Jane

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5 Responses to “Hi, I’m Jane”

  1. Paul says:

    “pizza and Coke [in a glass glass with ice and a straw]”

    Doesn’t the pizza get soggy that way? I would prefer to have it on a plate and eat is separately.

  2. Julie a.k.a. Mom says:

    Jane-I love reading your blog. I love the deep thinker that you are and your utmost desire to be the best that you can be.
    Avery is a duplicate of you when you were little.
    Remember me saying if I could have a wish for one day it would be to have you kids little again and replay a day with you(living on Belden Street) bikes, and trikes out in the driveway; you, Joe, and Cindy under the evergreen tree or running up the street to Chrisy and Jenny’s house…or maybe Mike Szypkowski’s. It would also include a walk to Community Bakery. This time I wouldn’t forget the red wagon at the other door!
    What a great day it would be!
    Love Mom

    • heartscape says:

      Thanks for reading and for your sweet words, Mom. You’ve been the best example to me of generosity and sacrificial love. I’ve been so blessed! Love you!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Jane! It was great meeting you last week! I wanted to let you know that I am on the wait list for Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago as it’s sold out, but I am going to Gleek Retreat in May in case you decide to go to that one 🙂

    • heartscape says:

      Thanks for connecting with me! Bummer about Chicago being sold out, but I’m glad you’re on the wait list! I’ll take a look at the May retreat, although I think I may have already maxed out my conference budget for this spring as I’m also going to another writer’s Conference. Let’s keep in touch about it, though; I’d be happy to carpool if it works out! Jane

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