Pippi Longstocking and Praise Dancing

I saw him twirling out of the corner of my eye.

On the table, in socks, arms raised like a praise dancer. 

I opened my mouth to tell him to get off, but the words got stuck. Why not let him spin? I thought. It’s not like he could break the table!  

Instead, I watched in silence.

Soon enough the praise dancing stopped and he sat down with a pile of baseball cards. Diligently arranging them and sliding from right to left, he worked to line up his favorites.

I’m not sure if I did the right thing by allowing him to stay there, but for today I decided to enjoy his whimsy and smallness instead of examining rules.

Pippi Longstocking would certainly approve.


Do you ever overlook the rules when it comes to moments of innocent play? Share an example by leaving a comment below:

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3 Responses to Pippi Longstocking and Praise Dancing

  1. Jimmy says:

    My wife and I are expecting our first, so not yet. It never worked well with our dogs… of course kids can delineate between right and wrong better (sort of).

    I hope my son wants to play with baseball cards; line them up by team and then player and then number. And when I have to pick them up at the end of the day, he’ll get to start all over on the next.

    • heartscape says:

      Congrats on your baby! What an exciting time! Yes, I can also relate as far as doggie-discipline goes; that was never our strong suit. Luckily kids can talk, so we’ve fared better with them than our canines. Wishing you and your wife good health and all the best. Thanks for stopping by! Jane

  2. Mom says:

    Won’t be long and you’ll be wishing that he was once again a little boy engaging in innocent play, safe within your reach and entertaining you with such precious memories.
    There’s no reason you can’t use that table Morgie…no one else was!!

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