Ten Reasons I’ve Been MIA

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone ten days without a blog post! For you hangers-on, here are ten reasons for my absence:

1. We went to Florida for Spring Break, and in some comically-timed [or divinely ordained] sequence of events, I was completely without internet! Don’t worry, the shaking stopped after a detoxing a few days here:


Spring Break 2011

2. I was quite busy pretending to know how to fish:

3. Shell hunting with my daughter was a delightful priority:

4.  …and of course our shells weren’t going to organize themselves!

5. I was with the people I love most at one of our most-loved places:

6.  We were preoccupied with frozen confections and broad smiles:

7. My feet were intoxicated by the luxuriously warm water for hours on end:

8.  I had a nightly cheerleading gig at low tide for my skim-boarding boys:

9.  Watching wildlife is nearly a full-time job on the island:


3 wild manatees close enough for my son to touch! Right off our beach…

10. And really…who can think of computers with God on display like this??  Our nightly walk on the beach:

So what have you been up to? What small moments are you treasuring?

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4 Responses to Ten Reasons I’ve Been MIA

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Oh, I just love it! And I was cracking up at some of your captions to your pics! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do. Feel free to stop by Easy Lifestyles sometime. We would love to see you there

  3. Julie D. says:

    SO glad you had a great trip! It looked wonderful! Really liked the last picture and I’m hoping that was you and your man on the lower right corner! 🙂

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