Family Friday: Supporting Adoptive Families

Thanks to "Photography by Kamarah!'

Ever since my husband and I went to Zambia, Africa in 2004, my heart has remained softened to the hearts and faces of countless orphans awaiting families to call their own. And while the Lord first imprinted my heart on that faraway continent, adoption touches me regardless of the child’s birthplace. Little can compare so perfectly to the love of God adopting us as heirs, as the love of earthly parents expanding the boundaries of their families.

When I first heard that my daughter’s teacher and her husband were working on her own adoption dream, I stood amazed at her resolve to extend unconditional love and acceptance to a child–or children–whom she had never met. What trust in God’s sovereign plan!

Last month she and another adoptive family were the prayer focus of our home. This month we stepped out a bit further to support their adoption fund by purchasing these super-cute T-shirts! You can’t see mine [navy] in the photo, but my daughter’s [black] has quickly become one of her favorites!

If you’d like to help bring this good work to completion, hop over to her blog and check them out!

If you’re a family who has walked this path, what creative ways did you use to help fund the process? Did anyone step forward to assist you?

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