Family Friday: Crayons and a CONTEST!

In the spirit of loving competition, my husband started “Super Fun Dad Nights” when our kids were little. On evenings I was out he’d plan something spectacular to do together, usually involving candy, balloons, and duct tape. It won the kids over and, of course, solidified dad as the favorite.

Until the next morning when I slathered their Eggo with the best syrup Michigan produces.

Now I’ve stolen the idea: I tell the kids that we’ll have “Super Fun Mom Night” when daddy’s off working hard at a meeting or function. As I’ve told you before, he is much more fun in the traditional sense of the word. I’m fun in the “let’s learn together creatively” sense of the word. Life’s a regular party with me, huh?

So last week I grabbed one of our library books on tape and slid it into my son’s portable boom box which we relocated to the living room. I passed out a hardcover book to each kid, along with a piece of computer paper and pencil, and put a community box of crayons in the center of the floor.

Then we sat in silence as the story rolled on, imagining the pictures, envisioning the scenery, and capturing tiny details. As the narrator progressed, we began to draw a scene as we pictured it in our mind’s eye. We added details and tried to incorporate as many components as possible.

After the story concluded we took a few extra minutes to wrap up and then we shared our work. The kids described the setting, characters, and which section of the plot their story represented.

This was a peaceful activity that promoted active listening, imagination, fine motor skills, and interpersonal skills during share time. They all felt they could do better next time, but for a first try, I thought they did great. Take a look and don’t miss the CONTEST at the end!

By J, my 8 year old son


By M, my 5 year old son


By A, my 7 year old daughter


By a Super Fun Mom

Based on these drawings, can you guess the title and author of the book? Your correct guess will enter you into a random drawing for your own copy! Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment with your guess BEFORE MONDAY, MARCH 21
  • YOU MUST ALSO post this contest on your blog or facebook page, or tweet a link [sorry friends without social media, these are part of the rules!]
  • and…
  • You can earn an extra entry by also correctly identifying the award this book won.

Good luck!

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    9 Responses to Family Friday: Crayons and a CONTEST!

    1. Jennifer Carmona says:

      Is it Owl Moon by Jane Yolen? If so, it won a Caldecott I believe.

    2. Meg says:

      Owl Moon, a favorite. Was the version on the CD neat? I love this story and the illustrations…when are you illustrating your book?! 🙂 The artwork is awesome. I’ve shared your blog with several people, one a new mom. I think she’ll enjoy the content. Great stuff.

    3. Lyndsey says:

      Yep, owl moon, by Jane Yolen. You know that’s a favorite here. Did I tell you Tim started taking the kids owling this winter…Eli is obsessed:). I’m guessing on the award, but maybe the Caldecott Award? I should just run upstairs and grab the copy you gave us to double check, but I’m being lazy:). LU!

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    5. Lynette Whitlock says:

      Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. It has won a Caldecott Medal.

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