ICD Revisted

In August 2009 I posted a humorous take on my own made-up disorder: ICD–“Inter-Connectivity Disorder.” I purported that this disorder subconsciously connects faces into a criss-crossing web that leads me to exclaim, “You know who he LOOKS like?!” at least seven times a day.

The irony of this post, aside from being my most popular ever and based purely on an invented disease, is that many of my commenters thought it was real! They said things like, “I do the same thing and I’ve always wondered if there was a name for it!”

It simultaneously made me laugh and wonder if I’d be sued for fraud.

But mostly I laughed.

So in the spirit of silliness and adding a measure of light-heartedness to the gravity of global news, here is my latest connection:


Moammar Gadhafi

Henry, my little buddy and our dog's best friend






Oh, sweet little Henry. If only Gadhafi had a small measure of your kindness and joy for life, the world would be a much better place.

YOUR TURN: Who are your look-alikes? Leave a comment with names or link back to your own blog post about the same topic if you want to show photos.  Cheers to ICD!

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One Response to ICD Revisted

  1. Julie says:

    Your Dad and I do this all the time. Whether out and about or watching tv. Sometimes you can’t believe how much two (unrelated) persons can look.
    Of course identical twins have always amazed me!!

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