Valentine’s Day Part 1: Spread Some Love

Don’t we all wish there was a fool-proof recipe or some sort of silicon mold that promised to shape our children into the caring, generous, love-filled humans we want them to be? Or perhaps some magic powder we could sprinkle on heads or tiny feet that guaranteed sweetness and compassion?

Instead, we parents carry the burden–and joy–of instilling these values and character traits into our children with purposeful teaching and through personal example. In my own life, I can think of incredibly generous individuals whom I so admire, and others that I love dearly, but who seem to squander opportunities to spread love. Taking time to reflect on both possibilities can help us parent with “the end in mind.”

So it was perfect timing that our youngest son’s AWANA homework last week was to make Valentines’ cards with his memory verse on them.  We decided to tackle it as a family and started our Valentine’s Day celebration with the premise that we should share love with our neighbors.  Although they may argue that they’re sick of our baked goods and annoyed by little hands ringing doorbells in the dark, we think it’s fun and enjoy these small moments.  Neighbors, thanks for graciously welcoming our children…and our cookies 🙂


Heading out for deliveries 🙂



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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day Part 1: Spread Some Love

  1. Sarah says:

    Love it Jane!
    p.s. J looks like he’s a teenager!!! WOW! He’s growing up!

  2. Julie a.k.a. Grandma R. says:

    Now who wouldn’t love those kids?
    And the cookies??? I had a chance to sample one and they were great.

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