Take Care of Your ‘Neighbs With Some Simple Compassion

Today, one of our local news reporters delivered his thoughts on this record-breaking weather while stationed up to his thighs in snow on a fake deck. Nice touch, I thought. One leg was in a “normal” section of the snow while the other was dramatically stomped into a tall drift, making the point that with the wind comes a new problem: blowing snow piling up to legendary heights.

Thoughtfully, this reporter not only called us all to personally use care and caution while outside, but to go the extra mile and check in on a neighbor. Blow out another driveway. Help someone get down the sidewalk. Keep your mailbox free and clear for the postal worker. In other words, exhibit some simple compassion.

This news snippet brought to mind a book I reviewed last year by Keri Wyatt Kent, Simple Compassion: Devotions to Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood and Your World. This book will be the subject of today’s free book giveaway! [Click on “Book Reviews” above for more information].

You have a week to do this–and a week to tell all your friends so they can throw their name in the hat. If living the Way of Jesus is important to you [instead of just talking or reading about it], this book is the perfect catalyst to get you thinking.

To enter your name into this contest, simply:

1.  Link TO my blog FROM your blog, facebook page, or twitter.

2.  Leave a comment below so that your name can be entered into the random drawing.

The winner will be announced next week Wednesday, FEB. 9. Good Luck!

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3 Responses to Take Care of Your ‘Neighbs With Some Simple Compassion

  1. Julie Roeters/aka grandma says:

    This sounds like a neat little devotional. I’m registering for the give away.

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out for my book. We were out yesterday with all our neighbors, helping each other shovel, snow-blow, whatever.
    Living the way of Jesus–I love that! and it’s really not that hard, if we are brave enough to let his love shine through us. Also, I’ve got a new book that I will be giving away copies of at my blog tomorrow.
    Again, thanks for the mention!

  3. Karen Silva says:

    Just what i need. A timely word. and directions. I’m here to register for this book –
    I have a few books by Keri and i love reading her written word.

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