The Good, The Bad, and The [very] Ugly

It’s no secret that I’m not all that gifted in the kitchen.  I mean, I try. Really, I do. I occasionally reference a recipe and even give a passing thought to planning my meals.  At my best I actually enjoy our dinners, savor each bite, and make a note to copy each procedure to the nth degree.  At my worst I don’t even eat what I cook.  I keep a bowl of Raisin Bran handy and sneak bites while the kids work on my debacle.  Is that bad?

My latest strategy is to watch The Cooking Channel…while I’m on the elliptical machine–my own homespun version of kitchen penance and self-induced food torture.  I did recreate a Giada “Venetian Holiday” recipe this past Saturday that successfully livened up the abysmal Bowl Games.  Not that besting U of M or State was that difficult, however, considering what happened tonight, it must be pointed out.

This evening’s foray into Costco’s lightly breaded Tilapia was an average success, paired with mashed potatoes and broccoli that never fails to be cold by the time it climbs onto my fork [why is that?]. When I noticed that one of the kids’ fish still looked a little…shall we say…fishy, I slid it back under the broiler for what I intended to be just a quick wink…and of course promptly forgot about.  The result?


Standard.  Bad and [very] ugly wrapped in bread crumbs.  And absolutely obliterated. Reaching for the Raisin Bran now…


In better news, THE GOOD:

What I lack in front of the stove I’m hoping to make up for behind wrapping paper. I’ve been working on a special gift for my niece’s fifth birthday tomorrow.  Blank canvas, paint, a pack of $4 brushes and fingers crossed = this:

In the beginning was the base coat...and the base coat was varied...

...then came the letters...

Dots and dashes in the details.

Do you think she'll like them?

YES.  I am taking orders.  The fish isn’t working, but the canvas just might…

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5 Responses to The Good, The Bad, and The [very] Ugly

  1. mom says:

    She’ll be delighted…guaranteed! They look great.

  2. anna says:

    Very cute! Thanks for the idea, I’m thinking my daughter would love something like this in her bedroom! Oh, and your niece has a great name. *wink*

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Oh…let me tell you, with my set of artistic skizls, I would put yours to shame! I mean I can create anything from a MJ glove to well…let me think of something else…I’ll get back to you.

  4. Diane says:

    Love the lettering style (font)….is it your own creation?
    Best wishes with your new artsy venture!

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