Little Star, by Anthony DeStefano

“Little Star knew that Jesus could have chosen to be born in a palace, surrounded by riches, but instead, he had humbled himself to be born in a stable…Of all the stars in the heavens, Little Star was the only one to understand the king’s message.  His message was love.” [from Little Star]

With fresh eyes and childlike innocence, Anthony DeStefano has given us another treasure in his latest children’s book Little Star, published by WaterBrook Press. Teaming up again with illustrator Mark Elliot who brought whimsy and realism to DeStefano’s This Little Prayer of Mine, this book delivers lovely artwork wrapped in the wonder of the Christmas story.

Little Star is the tale of the Bethlehem Christmas star as told by a father to his young son.  The boy, troubled that he can’t locate the famed light in the sky outside his window, asks where it could be and why it no longer shines.

His father explains that “Little Star” was overlooked by other bigger and brighter stars as an inferior member of the heavenly host.  Left out and disregarded by all, Little Star was uniquely situated to understand the lowly state of the Holy Family.  They were not welcomed in by the inn keeper.  They were poor.  They were not important in the eyes of the world.  And yet, God was preparing them to be the parents of a King.

DeStefano’s wraps up his story with an ending that children will remember through the years, and certainly, each Christmas as they work with their family to decorate the tree and place a star on top.  If you’d like to hear the complete story, grab a cup of hot chocolate and listen to Pat Boone’s narration here.

Whether a gift for your own children, grandchildren, or other loved ones, Little Star would make a wonderful addition to any holiday library this Christmas.

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