A Patch of Sky

Today as I sat motionless beneath a two-way stoplight, I looked up and noticed a gap in the steel, perfectly framing a bookmark-sized patch of the purest blue sky.

It was mesmerizing.  Suspended above a cloudless tree line it floated like soapy cashmere and I couldn’t turn away. I wondered what Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams would call this color.  Maybe Mountain Columbine or December Frost; Shadows on Pavement or Starched Oxford.

I imagined how perfect it would look spread evenly in Martha Stewart’s spare bedroom, trimmed with thick white woodworking, a backdrop to her Nantucket wrought iron bed.   Quilted bedding just in from the line exudes the heady perfume that only mother nature can manufacture; hydrangeas burst from a glassy globe, beckoning visitors stay just a moment more.

Maybe someone feel in love there, in Martha Stewart’s spare bedroom. Maybe a college acceptance letter was opened and read, joy muffled so as to not disturb a fussy souffle still in the oven.

Maybe Benjamin Moore found his inspiration there, just like I did.  Perhaps he looked up from his parked buggy and caught a patch of sky between the branches of trees–between the dance of autumn leaves.

Beauty’s everywhere this time of year.  Where have you found it?

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2 Responses to A Patch of Sky

  1. mom says:

    Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren, Benjamin Moore are all looking for someone like you to name their newest colors!!
    ….you wouldn’t even have to think about the yellowish-greenish color.

  2. Diane Miller says:


    I just love the way your colorful word pictures brighten my world.

    Chestnut Ridge, our county park here in Orchard Park, NY is my favorite place to walk. Today my friend and I strolled….and oooed and awed over the season’s beautiful light, the changing leaf colors against the dense blue sky and the colorful fallen leaves in the creeks and streams. I loved looking out from the ridge seeing dramatic patches of color among the trees still verdant and green. Everywhere I looked….all creation sang God’s glory.

    Fall….makes my heart sing.

    Best wishes….

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