Should’a Would’a Could’a

Sure.  There are lots of reasons I should have stayed home today:

1.  A sink that appears to have vomited up fruit particles, dirty pans, and filmy glasses.  You’d think that with a dishwasher directly adjacent to the sink I could keep things picked up and put away.  BUT.  Let’s be honest: loading and unloading that blasted thing two or three things a day is about as fun as being ravaged by clown nightmares while you’re on vacation.  Still, I am running out of cups.  And we’re down to about 7 forks. I suppose I should’a taken care of that…

Seriously. Where's Alice?!

2.  Our dining room table seems to have sprouted clean laundry limbs and junk mail leaves.  What I really need is an assistant whose very life is made complete by the opportunity to sort and recycle all our stuff.  The laundry…well, I’ve accepted it as the thorn in my flesh.  I’ve resorted to placing it on the table so that I don’t take up valuable seating by alternately plopping it on the sofa or side chair.  Still, I suppose it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to tidy a bit…

Wish I could use the Mary Poppins finger-snapping trick here...

3.  Then there’s the laundry room–also used as the “CRAP!  They’ll be here in 5 minutes!–  Hide all the clutter!!” room [picture the intro to Everybody Loves Raymond].  I guess it’s catching up to me.  Unfortunately.

Have Mercy.

I should’a would’a could’a stayed home to attend to these things.  Instead, however, I attended to these things:

Take time today to forget your should’a would’a could’a’s.  School is just around the corner, ready to be ushered in by changing leaves, burgeoning pumpkins, glossy apples and the kind of chill that whispers football. History reminds me that there will be plenty of time for laundry, dirty sinks, and messy tables when the windows snap shut and rain slides down their panes.

But today…ahh…  Today is a day for glorious sun and childhood and all the things that make it so fun to be a mom.

Let go today.  By doing so, maybe you’ll find that you’ll be able to better hold on to summer.

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3 Responses to Should’a Would’a Could’a

  1. mdy says:

    Yup! Do it! I have yet to see dirty dishes growing up and going off to live on their own!

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Love it, Janie! Thankful I made the choice to actually do this today (which you know, for me, is no small miracle).

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