The Gift of Sand and Water

Anyone who knows me well can attest to the hold that the beach seems to have on me.  The sound of pounding water, birds overhead, toes in sand, sun on shoulders, salty air — it’s almost too much.   Living in West Michigan provides access to beautiful lakes and great shorelines, but the ocean, ah…that’s quite another thing.  Enjoying creation there is a spiritual thing for me; I see God’s handiwork in jumping dolphins, shell fragments washed onto shore–each unique in color and texture, the sound of beach grass rustling in the wind.  The artistry of the landscape takes my breath away and, at the same time, breathes new life into my waiting lungs.

Last week we trekked down to Florida for Spring Break, spending six nights on an island paradise and concluding our trip with a day at Disney.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about our vacation in days to come, but in the meanwhile, here are some photos that best capture my memories.

Daddy & M waiting to skim board

A & new friends playing

The boys fishing off the back of the Pier

Mini-Science lessons on the beach after sundown--HOW COOL!!

Watching God do magic in the evening sky

Perfect endings.

…to be continued…

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3 Responses to The Gift of Sand and Water

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  2. Andy Losik says:

    So neat to run into you guys on our walk. We booked again for next year. If you are going back, we’ll plan a dinner or some pool time for the kids.

    I have always contested…or is it attested?…that if someone doesn’t believe in the divine design of our world they only have to visit an aquarium…or Anna Maria Island. Did you guys see all of the stingrays just south of Palmetto? We saw about 100 of them one morning and smaller groups the rest of the week.

  3. Small Town Small Times says:

    Ahhh, Florida. There’s no place like it in April…especially when you live in Michigan. Sorry I’ve been so absent and congratulations on your ghost writing job. You’ll do an amazing job. Amazing. Cheers to you.

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