Egg Cartons, Baby Chicks, and FREE Fun

My husband calls me a recycling maniac.  I prefer to consider myself a “wise recycler” or “earth-conscious mother.”  I’ll leave the title “maniac” to the kids, little angels though they are 😉

At any rate, I’ve been in the habit of saving egg cartons because once-upon-a-time, my farm-living, egg-selling sister re-used them at her roadside stand.  Now that hard times have hit small organic businesses, they only produce enough eggs for their family and have shunned my monthly donation of double-digit cartons.

I suppose I can’t blame her.  I mean, if you aren’t packaging up farm-fresh eggs of all sizes and colors, what IS one to do with oodles of cartons?

Thanks to my Aunt Barb’s crafty ways, I have an answer!  Make adorable baby chicks for your Easter mantle!  And, depending on how heavily-stocked your art bin is, you may very well be able to birth these beauties for free!

To adopt your own family of Baby Chicks:

1.  Cut egg cartons apart.  I chose to do rows of 3 chicks, still connected, but you may modify according to your needs.

2.  Next, using either yellow cotton balls or colored pom-poms from your local craft store, glue one pouf into the carton and a second one on top [like a snowman.]  We used Elmer’s glue rather than a glue stick  [which is always fun with kids].

3.  Glue googly-eyes on your chick above an orange bill.  I used card-stock paper for my chirper.

4.  Cut another section of egg carton carton to resemble a “cracked” egg shell.  This will be glued on the chick’s head in hat-like fashion, mimicking the idea of her bursting from her egg-home.

5.  Add a smiling child [and plenty of help from mom] and celebrate your success!

6.  Display your hatchlings with pride at the center of your home.

Happy Spring!  Happy Easter!

Leave a comment below to share your own Easter or Springtime craft!

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7 Responses to Egg Cartons, Baby Chicks, and FREE Fun

  1. Barb says:

    Those little cicks are so cute in all the colors.

  2. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    Those are adorable. You are the crafty mom indeed. This is a great rainy day (snowy day) project for my little chicks.

  3. kamarah says:

    LOVE IT!!! From now on I’m going to call you my family activities creative director. Thanks for all the great ideas!!! 🙂

  4. Sarah Giere says:

    Adorable!! Can’t wait to try it w/ my crazies!

  5. cindy Geerlings says:

    Jane, we’ll have to try that! Sorry for cutting you off of our egg supply 😦 Ask us ..sometimes we have

  6. Erin says:

    This makes me so happy because I currently have THREE bags full of egg cartons in our closet. Our egg source has slowed down a bit just because it’s that time of year, so he doesn’t need our excess cartons right now.

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