Hallmark Sends Its Very Best

I’ve already told you bits and pieces of my now-exposed [obsessive] affair with Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.

It’s thorny territory for me to write about something so intimate and special, but at last I’m able to admit that sneaking away to be with ‘Mark is time that I long for and treasure.   Escapes are carefully planned so that I am alone, without the distraction of children reaching and touching and interrogating.  I strategize so that I can meander without the inconveniences of pressing deadlines.  When I run to ‘Mark, I ensure that my thoughts are there only, able to linger on every carefully crafted word. 😉

Like any good lover, I know the power of secrets, so won’t devulge everything [like how much Platinum status has cost me!].  But today I can’t help share this one item which has brought such joy to our kids:

As part of our family Valentine celebration I bought three of these adorable little books: one for each of our kids.  The inside has pre-written pages that either prompt you with a question, fill-in-the-blank, or provide a check-mark style list for you to complete.

Some of the sentence starters are silly:  “If ___________was and Olympic sport, you’d win the gold medal for sure!”

Others are sentimental and profound:  “Thank you for teaching me how to_________”, “The thing I most admire about you is: ____________”.

By now it shouldn’t surprise me how much kids love these kinds of affirmations, but it does — every time.  I truly marvel at how the human need for acceptance and love begins at such a young age.

My husband and I are huge fans of The Biggest Loser.  Several weeks ago, Sam, one of the Samoan contestants, broke down in tears and was barely able to speak because of a recent conversation with his father.  At 24 years old, it was the first time he had heard the words I’m proud of you.

And he was crushed with love and gratitude for those words.

Isn’t that sad, in a way?  That this man had to wait nearly a quarter-of-a-century to hear that?  My DNA dictates that I’d rather be open and free with the abyss of my heart than raise kids who feel uncertain about their parents’ affection.

If you’d like to see a new kind of inner light shine brightly on your child’s face, purpose to leave a sweet letter on her pillow or nestle a card in his dresser drawer.

He may not want to open it in the school cafeteria, but I guarantee that it will be ripped open with joy in your home, and stored away forever in his heart.

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10 Responses to Hallmark Sends Its Very Best

  1. Mary DY says:

    Such a great entry, Jane!

    I have used letters to communicate with my boys at milestones in their lives. Since they are boys (ah…men), they never comment on them directly. Both have learned the art of picking good cards (usually in the hilarious, but true, category) and even writing short but heartfelt thoughts in them.

    We moms love these little scraps of assurance that all our efforts have paid off in some small way.

    And what do I love about you? Your genuine spirit that comes through in person and online. Such a gift to all of us. Hugs!! M

    • heartscape says:

      Many, many thanks Mary! Your encouragement means so much! … And I always love your parenting tid-bits. You’re completely right: we moms DO need that assurance! Maybe it’d be easier if I knew they’d all turn out to be wonderful, kind, stable adults!

  2. Brooke G. says:

    I rarely go in the ‘mark but happened to the other day. Have you ever tried their adhesive wrapping paper??? I was thrilled when I found it there and bought a roll. I haven’t busted it out yet, but can’t wait to give it a try.

    Side note: on the books. Yes “The Hidden Diary of Marie Anoinette” is historical fiction…. but really a great read. It reminded me a little of Phillipa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl. Another GREAT read if you haven’t already!!!!

  3. Janet says:

    I LOVE Hallmark!!! I’ve told Aaron for years that if I wasn’t a nurse I’d like to own a Hallmark store. I too am at a platinum status and love the coupons they send me:).

  4. the Mayor says:

    I used to go crazy for the colored caligraphy pens (before they were available other places).

    You and your family are just cute as a bug, nice to read someone else from Michigan.

    • heartscape says:

      I LOVE COLORED PENS!!! I have a secret stash that I hide from my mini-artists who believe one has to use Herculean strength to produce true color. All my old tips are completely pancaked. Office supplies, in general, are good friends to me. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  5. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    Will you please go get a marketing job for Hallmark? Or better yet, submit some articles to their magazine (do they still have a magazine). No one loves Mark the way you do. Mark should know this.

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