Ice Tunnels and Secret Caves

As the snow continues to threaten and temps stay frosty, cabin fever can set in and cause temporary insanity.  To combat mental decline, we planned an adventure to Lake Michigan this weekend [free fun!] and the kids are already asking to go back.

I don’t usually post a slew of photos without text, but in this case I’ll let the pictures do the talking and encourage you to get out and enjoy the frozen landscape.  Your kids will think the Magic Schoolbus took them to the moon!  It’s beautiful and completely different than anything I’ve seen.  Great memories!

My two oldest on the far right, waaaay out on the lake

My youngest next to the pier

West of the pier

My cuties finding a snow cave

On top of a huge pile of snow, looking down a crevasse to the lake

Playing "Little House on the Prairie" in a hidden "house"

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2 Responses to Ice Tunnels and Secret Caves

  1. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    Awesome. I’m inspired. My girls would love this and so would I. Thanks for the idea. P.S. Your kids are adorable.

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