Keeping Christmas Alive

In truth, I can’t completely remember if I read about this craft or adapted it from several other ideas, but this year we actually got out the scissors and did it.

We purposely saved our Christmas photo cards so that we could cut the pictures out and make them into prayer placemats.  My mom, in her generous wisdom, had given us several old wallpaper books for all our crafting, so rather than buying poster board or another large piece of paper, we cut out swaths of wallpaper as our base.  Across the top I wrote “Today We Pray For Our Friends”.

With a pile of photos on hand, the kids started clipping away.  We tried to choose pictures of people we know best, even if we don’t see them frequently.

After getting all the photos in place, I used a Sharpie to write prayer starters between the pictures and across the page:  “Help us make good choices” and “Thank you for good friends and good health” etc.

Although I was hoping to “officially” laminate them at Staples, it became a bit cost prohibitive.  Instead, I sped over to my local hardware store for some clear contact paper and did the job at home for $3.69.  Fantastic!

We trimmed off the excess and now have wonderful placemats to use at breakfast time.  Rotating them between our three kids gives us the opportunity to pray for different people, different needs, and through different lenses.

If you still have your Christmas cards, give it a try!  Or if not, collect special photos throughout the year and use them as a springboard for prayer and gratitude with the little hearts in your home.

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5 Responses to Keeping Christmas Alive

  1. kamarah says:

    Genius Jane!!! What a fantastic idea!!

  2. Sarah Giere says:

    What an awesome idea Janie! LOVE IT!!! You’re doing such a great job with those kiddos!!! Love you!

  3. Great idea Jane, especially writing the prayers between each picture. Not only a great thing to do with your kids but it also teaches them about prayer and about Christ in the process.

    • heartscape says:

      Thanks, Todd, Kam, and Sarah! Interestingly, now the kids sit and fight over who gets to use which place mat at mealtime! [NOT was I was going for!] Hoping that the prayer and Jesus part sinks in…eventually 🙂

  4. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    You inspired me to do something finally w/ our Christmas cards…we put them in our “prayer book” every year, not place mats, but your post at least go me to do it this year w/ our Christmas cards. And b/c of you, I had Acacia cut out all the cards, rather than myself. She loved getting to do it after seeing the pics of your kids doing it!

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