Crazy for Brains

I lay there with one eye open, watching the TV move in blurry sequence.  By now two kids warmed the sheets next to me so I could “rest my eyes.”

Whatever cartoon Nick Jr. was peddling at that hour of the day, I took it in under the haze of morning.  Surprisingly, I managed to laugh at the little caricatures trying to teach recycling to kids during a 5 minute mini-lesson.  With a variety of bins before them, a moose-like critter and a blue owl sporting a cute flower in her feathers discussed the future resting place of a drinking glass.

Just as moose was going to recycle it in the “glass” bin, another creature perked up and interjected that maybe “someone” [cough] would like to reuse it…?  Astutely taking the hint, moose hands off the glass to his buddy; buddy responds with,

“Thanks!  Now my Frozen Gnome collector’s set is COMPLETE!”


Frozen Gnomes?

Where do they come up with this stuff?  That is so utterly RANDOM!

Later today as we tooled down the road in our lovely family van with the kids’ tunes pumpin’, I listened carefully to the words of a new-to-me Laurie Berkner song, I Feel Crazy, So I Jump in the Soup.

Laughter exploded from all of us as she sang!

One of the following verses says, “I feel crazy so I gallop in the soup.”

That’s brilliant!

Her website [yes, I did indeed come home and look it up 😉 ] says that a 4 year-old once asked her to write a song with that title, so she did–on the spot.


I’m totally jealous of people with those kinds of crazy brains–people who think of galloping in soup and collecting frozen gnomes.  People like this brilliant woman [read the entire post–it’s hilarious] who, of course, have book deals and can somehow whip up ridiculous yet coherent streams of thought that make me laugh and burn with envy.

Sometimes I try to learn from them and make up imaginary lists of useless but comical items in my head.  But always I sit at home wishing I had crazy for brains.

What do you wish for?  Leave a comment so I don’t have to lament alone 🙂

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3 Responses to Crazy for Brains

  1. Lor says:

    When I was little I always wanted it to rain so much that I could turn my umbrella upside down and ride it down the street.
    Of course, now I wish I could dance like Beyonce so that’s a little different.

  2. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    I wish my metabolism would speed up. And I wish that I could think of a career to love that would pay enough money that I could just relax about my kids ever going to college.

  3. Andy Losik says:

    Laurie Berkner rules. I miss those Noggin days….sorta. Sometimes K flashes back over to Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin) for Max and Ruby. IMO CPS can’t show up at that house fast enough! I am just hoping Angelina Ballerina doesn’t make a return.

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