Zondervan was gracious enough to provide me with a second copy of this book to pass along to my masses of spellbound and excited readers [cough]; to that end I am happy to launch a spiderweb contest to determine the winner.

Yes, I made up that descriptor.

At any rate, if you’re dying to read Gary’s book [you should be] but you can’t justify yet another trip to the bookstore [I’m with you] or you just lost your Kregel coupon in a pile of dirty snow [how unfortunate], TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY!


To enter the contest, please:
1.  Post a link to this entry from your own blog or Facebook page.

2.  Add a comment below below stating where you posted the link.

3.  Friends who see your link should leave a comment stating that “Sheila told me about this contest”; if these friends want to be entered themselves, they should also post a link to their blog or Facebook page.

4.  The person who refers the most people to this contest by noon on Friday [2/5] wins the free book!

Good Luck!! This book is worth it!

PS:  If you haven’t heard of Gary Thomas’ latest book yet, you can read my review here.  I also wrote about honoring God with our view of food [one of Gary’s topics]; you can read that post here.

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12 Responses to WIN THIS BOOK!

  1. Kathy Schoon Tanis says:

    not sure what i’m doing here, but i’m about to post a link on my fb page. (;

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  3. kamarah says:


    I have posted this on my facebook page and blog. We’ll see how many friends I really have. 🙂

    Great idea!! – Kamarah

  4. Jennifer Kamper says:

    I posted this to my facebook page.

  5. Pam Sietsema says:

    Kamarah told me about this contest..hope this is where I leave the comment for Kam!

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  7. kamarah says:

    Kamarah told about this blog.

  8. Barb Bos says:

    Kamarah told me about this contest

  9. Patricia says:

    Kamarah told me about this contest

  10. Heather says:

    I want Jenn to win a book.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Kamarah told me about this contest

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