All Hail Hallmark!

When the “rewards” coupon comes in the mail, I’m the sucker who can’t wait to race out the door to Betty’s–Hallmark, that is.  I love walking into the dreamy ambiance full of pretty bags and holiday decorations, and hearing the clerk greet me in her usual soothing tone, “Hi, there. Welcome.”

Welcome, indeed.

The subtle smell of candles reminds me that I am on sacred ground: no rice has been burnt here, no bacon grease sent splattering, no wet dog slogging down the aisles.  Time alone at the Hallmark is my sanctuary.  I’d be willing to bet the farm, proverbially speaking, that if a neurologist hooked me up to expensive monitoring devices during my escape he would literally see my heart rate fall, my breathing deepen, my brain waves align, and my Seratonin levels spike.

Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that selecting wonderful cards may just be my true spiritual gift–and perhaps working in that giftedness provides calm.  I pour over the cards, reading each one, pausing to consider who might be pleasantly surprised to receive it in the mail.  My feet take me across the carpet, weave me between aisles and right up to my willing death:  the clearance rack.  That’s where the budget gets blown, and that’s precisely how I’ve become a Platinum Gold Crown card-carrier.  And proud of it.

Last Saturday I was able reclaim a scrap of time to get over to Betty’s, and found all sorts of treasures.  I won’t publish exactly how much I spent, but I consider it part of my tithe [kind of]… since it blesses others.   Don’t you think it’s worth it to brighten a day by sending a card that just says, “I know you’re sick of wiping poopy butts and blowing running noses and making meals that few appreciate.  But I appreciate you and I just wanted to let you know.”

Well, whether you agree or not, I love cards, and in my next life I’m sure I’ll own my own Hallmark store and have my own line filled with hilarious adventures and off-color jokes.

For now, however, I’m cheering for the brilliant folks who come up with things like this: itty bitty greetings for you to pop into your kid’s lunch box or backpack.  This particular one is a “school pack,” although I also got one that was more general encouragement and praise.  Each card is roughly the size of a pack of gum and you’ll get 8 cards in each pack.

So for all of you encouragers out there looking to add a smile to someone’s sandwich, run to your nearest Hallmark, breathe in the scents, live in the calm and serenity, and grab a handful of cards.  Make it your goal to send at least one to someone each week…and see how the blessing may be returned to you.

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6 Responses to All Hail Hallmark!

  1. Sarah Giere says:

    You should TOTALLY start a line of cards for Hallmark! You’d be perfect for that! Great Job Janie!!! :O)

  2. val says:

    i’ll provide the photography and you provide the content…? 🙂

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