BNE: Best Neighbors Ever

I first crossed over the asphalt divide six years ago with a plate of monster cookies and a welcome note, hoping that the new people across the street would be, at the very least, pleasant.  What I never even considered was that they might become helping-hands, egg-lenders and sugar-borrowers, and in the end, true friends.  As the pages on the calendar tore away and we came to be surrounded on both sides by such people who give and take in the most harmonious way, my husband and I have soaked up the kind of blessings that make us want to leave the porch light on just a little longer.

It turns out that one of the monster cookie recipients isn’t just a good neighbor to me, she’s a good neighbor to her friends across the country and around the world.  Kamarah is giving and judicious, kind and compassionate.  And when Shannon McNeil, a college friend from her days at Taylor University, was leveled with the unimaginable news that both of her children had a degenerative disease that would one day claim their lives, Kamarah knew that doing nothing just wasn’t an option.

Joining forces with another mutual college friend, Michelle Montenegro who now resides in Costa Rica, Kamarah helped to form A Hundred for a Home, a non-profit fundraiser aiming to raise $400,000 so that the McNeil’s will be able to purchase the kind of handicap-accessible home they so desperately need.  In light of their work I am so excited to share that these heroic efforts have been highlighted in the February 2010 edition of The Ladies’ Home Journal!  [Click on image; see the center article under “Shout-Outs”].

Join me in saluting the love and hard work that drives good friends to be good neighbors.  And if you feel so moved, check out the Hundred for a Home website or leave a note on Kamarah’s blog.

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