Hello, My Name is Jane, and I Have ICD: Part 2

Welcome to my crazy brain, part two.  Come on in, have a look around, grab a cookie and put your feet up.  Ignore the wild ponies and flashbacks of college.

I first revealed to you in August that I have diagnosed myself with a “disease”.  This fictitious self-diagnosis is intended to make myself feel better about the compulsive way in which I seem to link faces together; it gives me something to blame for my weirdness.   Sometimes I swear my friends want to hit me in the face with bags of sloshing strawberry jello when I say [for the 6,397 third time] “Do you know who that looks like?!

So after months–okay, years–of this, we came to the sad conclusion that I’m living with ICDInter-Connectivity Disorder.   I’ve collected some new faces that I want to share with you, including one photo that my best friend took undercover.  She was even wearing a trench coat and sporting eye black.  Just kidding.  About the eye black.

Exhibit A: Undercover Lee Ann Womack.  The real LeeAnn on the left, innocent football mom on the right.  Thank you, LEJS 😉

Exhibit B: NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski [left] looks like Jon Voight from Mission Impossible.

Exhibit C: Are any of you die-hard fans of Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show? I know–who isn’t, right?  Moms–right?  [insert coughing now].  Here is the show’s host, Sean Roach, looking a lot like my sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend.

Readers, Do you have any of your own?  Write your own post and link to me!  Let’s create an online support group for us ICD’ers 😉

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2 Responses to Hello, My Name is Jane, and I Have ICD: Part 2

  1. Allison says:

    I came your way by way of Small Town Small Time’s blogroll.

    Your connections are spot-on! I am particularly in agreement with the sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend.j

    As I do not have ICD, I have no pictures to submit. However, I do have lots of college flashbacks (but alas, no wild ponies).

    Allison, glad you found me! Hope you stop back again!

  2. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    I’m with Allison – the sister-in-laws ex boyfriend is brilliant.

    Happy New Year!

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