After-Hours Shopping = JOY

Friends, I have to say:  If you’ve never ventured to the mall during the week of Christmas to enjoy Macy’s “open ’till 10” schedule, or Kohl’s “open ’till midnight” promise, take advantage of it!

Sunday night I managed to peel myself off the couch, against any sane and half-way intelligent cell in my being, and ventured to the mall first, then Meijers for our weekly groceries.   Needless to say, I did not want to go.  I knew it would be crazy.  It was dark.  It was cold.  And I wanted to be home in the coziness of our Christmassy living room.

Only the prospect of no milk in the morning [and the idea of starving, complaining children] made me do it.

And I’m here to tell you–it’s the way to go!!

I went to the mall first, arriving shortly after 9 pm.  Macy’s was like my personal haven.  I felt like Elvis–or possibly Oprah–renting out the entire store for peaceful shopping.  Though I didn’t bother to count, I’m sure I saw fewer than ten other shoppers in the store during my rendezvous at the palace of Origins and the jewelry counter.  Bliss!

Upon leaving Macy’s to go to Kohls, I was gifted with THESE MARVELOUS HALLS…alone.  Ahhh!!

I took a moment to respectfully admire the brilliance of the freshly zambonied floors.  I listened to the sound of nothing. What a lovely thing at Christmas time.  No crowds.  No hustle-n-bustle.  No pushing and shoving and fighting for the deals.  Just me and my thoughts.

After finishing up my few errands at the mall, I embarked on the short trip to Meijers for groceries.  I grabbed a cart around 10 pm and hallelujah! The store was as empty as I’ve ever seen it. [Why am I sharing this??  I should be hoarding and coveting this secret to the grave!]  It almost brought a tear to my eye to not have to jockey my cart around slow-walkers, screaming kids, and people who stop in the middle of the aisle to read their lists.

Lest you don’t believe me, see for yourself:

I’m reaching for a tissue now.

Look at these empty, peaceful aisles!

Christmas music was piping through the still air, my cart worked its way across the linoleum, and my mind was blissfully blank.  [except to take this picture with my phone 😉 ]

The wonderful thing about this shopping experience was that the only thing that ever became a hurdle to overcome, were the boxes that were busily being unpacked for the suckers who want to face the crowds in the morning.

As for me, I’d gladly trade in an hour of sleep to gain a day of sanity.

That’s a Merry Christmas.

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One Response to After-Hours Shopping = JOY

  1. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    Who knew?!!!! Between my Wal-mart fire alarm incident last week and your experience w/ after hours shopping this week…I’m totally fasting from shopping during the day w/ maniacs in tow, for at least….4 years:) Love you!

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