[We Are] Overlooked

I happened upon a wonderful organization the other day that captured by imagination and my heart.  It’s called Overlooked, and it’s all about delivering justice to those in this world who are overlooked everyday by their governments, neighbors, politicians, and brother and sister human beings.

The “About” page sums it up:

“We are not a charity.

We are not a ministry.

We are not seeking donations.

We simply want to offer you easy, practical ways to help people that have been overlooked and make the world a better place.

When you buy our merchandise you allow us to provide children in Africa with mosquito nets and clean water.

You allow us to free young girls in India from sexual slavery.

You allow us to loan money to women in poverty to start new businesses for a chance to support their own families.

We are more than just another charity, ministry or t-shirt company.

We are Overlooked.”


I think that’s just awesome.  Why not consider buying or gifting a t-shirt or handbag this Christmas and spending money that will move forward in the world to make a difference.  Throw yourself into the pond and made some waves–or at least, some ripples.  Get people thinking.  Imagine that $5 could change a life.  Save a life.  Add hope to a life.  After all, isn’t that what Christmas is really about?  Life and hope?

Click here, look around, get out your plastic, become a walking justice sign.

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One Response to [We Are] Overlooked

  1. Mary DY says:

    I saw Kiva on their site, a partner for micro-loans. A few years ago at Christmas we gave our boys $$ to loan out. I think they are still loaning…blessings to a mother’s heart!!

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