Quote, Unquote…Again

Yesterday my youngest had a couple of cute moments–have to record them since I’ve done a pathetic job with his baby book share them with you!

1.  Our little guy has an adorable lisp [s’s] and can’t quite seem to pronounce a few of his letters.   When he’s talking, things sound sort of like this:

quad= todddirt bike = dirt bite [our boys are obsessed with quads and dirt bikes!]

grandma = ramma

milk = milt

chicken = titten

Since he just turned four a couple of weeks ago, it’s not something we’re worried about yet– it still sounds cute to me!

Today, however, a few of his words came out crystal clear!  He said “quad” the way it’s supposed to be pronounced!  Then he said something else and it came out perfectly!  I looked at him and said, “M!!  Say that again!  You did it!  You made your sounds!”

He looked back at me and said–very seriously– “Yeah, God healed me.”

2.  Same little boy, different situation!  When I picked him up from preschool he asked me if we were going to see Dr. Kik–my chiropractor.  I told him that I had already gone and thought little of it.  That’s when the drama started.  Sobs.  Fake and forced, yet somehow producing tears.  Maybe they were partially real–but certainly coerced.  Finally, after trying to ignore him patiently let him calm down–which he did NOT–I decided to probe.

“Honey–I didn’t realize you liked Dr. Kik so much!  I’m sorry–next time I’ll make sure to take you.”

Sob, sob…crocodile tears…

“Babe!  Please calm down!  You can come along next time.”

Cry, cry, ball, ball.

“M, I didn’t know you wanted to go along to Dr. Kik!”

His response?

“I wanted to get some of his ca-ca-caaaannnnddddyyyyy!”

Silly me.

Here I thought he had formed a bond with my kind doctor.  Thought he enjoyed the fake skeleton in the corner.  The medieval-like back crackers.


He wanted candy.

So glad he has his priorities straight.

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1 Response to Quote, Unquote…Again

  1. Mary DY says:

    Last year S was working on digitizing old video of the boys, done on ancient video cameras. What amazed me the most was how I had forgotten those sweet little voices that had preceded the man voices they now have. We have enough photos around that their cute little faces and bodies are easy to remember…but the sounds? Not at all…

    Some of my favorites that lasted into school age…



    I want you to hug all three from me!!

    Mary, another mom once told me not to forget about voice recordings, yet I confess to not picking up the camcorder enough! Even some of our friends and family members say, “Remember when he used to say…” AND I DON’T remember! Already! It’s scary the memories we make…only to forget. Thanks for the reminder to be diligent in that.

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