Move Over Nate Berkus!!


I am proud to applaud the work of my husband and the strides we made on our poor, pathetic, ghetto bedroom of yore.

Tonight I feel like I will be going to bed at some 4-star hotel!  [Maybe I’ll bump that up to 5-stars after the artwork is chosen and ordered].  I wish you could feel how puffy and soft and cozy our new comforter is!  And all those pillows!  Luxury!

Here are some before and afters:


Not terrible, but bed-on-the-floor doesn't really scream "love den" to me. And the old rocker was taking up valuable real estate.


Now: Soothing colors and a BEDFRAME!! Hooray! Light-blocking curtains! Three cheers!


Check out my husband's mad carpentry skills! What? Carter Oosterhouse?! We love the wainscoting and the texture and depth it brings to the room. Still need a bed skirt.


So glad to have the too-small random stuff off the walls!


A little different angle here, but you can see how clean/minimal everything is.

A huge thanks to Brandon who gave up his whole Thanksgiving weekend [plus some] to measure, cut, saw, sand, glue, nail, prime, and paint!   I feel so lucky to finally have a bedroom that, to me, feels like a retreat.

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3 Responses to Move Over Nate Berkus!!

  1. Jennifer says:

    LOVE IT! That looks fabu! You’re gonna give Candace Olsen a run for her money!

    Thanks, Jennifer! …Don’t I wish [Candace Olsen]!!

  2. HB says:

    Your room looks GREAT! I would only make three suggestions- consider raising the curtains up more to give the appearance of higher ceilings, paint the closet door to match the walls and keep the items on the top of your armoir to a minimum, ie the orchid only.

  3. Mary DY says:

    Way to go, B! I think I agree with the orchid alone idea. I’m terrible at neat, clean with simplicity, so I truly admire it when I see it done well.

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