Crack-Up Chicken

It must be said:  I have the best husband ever.

I know, you’re ready to fight and give me 10 reasons why your significant other is better, but no.

Tonight my daughter was in “a mood.”

Are you picking up what I’m laying down here?  Do you know what it’s like to have a 6 year old GIRL in “a mood”??

I can’t honestly say what her problem was, but she was giving me the stink eye and I was trying to love her through it–until dinner.

She was pitching some sort of fit and not looking at me, so, being the thoughtful wife I am, I passed the baton to my husband [sound familiar? He doesn’t let this stuff get under his skin like I do.]

To try to get her to smile–at least–he joked that her meal was called “crack-up chicken” and that just one bite would leave you in stitches on the floor.

She was not having it.

So, what’s a reasonable person to do?


Please observe the master of laughs in our house:


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9 Responses to Crack-Up Chicken

  1. Mary DY says:

    To think we wasted B’s talents on math when he should have been in the theatre dept! So did Miss A think it was funny? What a great video!! Exactly what is the secret ingredient in Crack-up Chicken?


    Yes, A finally did crack a smile and then tried to do her own impersonation 🙂 It worked!

  2. OMGoooooooosh! i LOVE that! smiling AND laughing!

    how fun that you have crack up chicken on video!

    i think we need to try that… we have our fair share of girlies and their moods! 🙂

  3. Wow! Nicely done Brandon!

  4. Sarah Giere says:

    HI-LAR-E-US!!! Way to go Brandon!!!!! Thanks for capturing that one!

  5. kamarah says:

    So great!!! Gotta love those creative father techniques!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Gail Roelofs says:

    great job, Brandon! now we know why you’re a JH principal! 🙂

  7. movita beaucoup says:

    I must admit… he does kinda make you wanna crack up…

  8. Janet says:

    Way to go B! Gotta love how the dads can change the mood and it involves fun and laughter.

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