Small Moments

My oldest often comes home from school with catch phrases that describe what he’s learning.  Last year his teacher helped him work on “grabber-hooks and gotcha’s” to make the beginning and end of a story more interesting.  They illustrate, edit, and add details before presenting a finished product.  This year they are working on taking “small moments” and stretching them out into a full experience with descriptive words and feelings.  My small moment came this morning before 7 am:


Darkness barely clung to the walls and halls of our home.  All was silent.  I could hear the dog sleeping next to our bed.  My husband’s breath rose and fell in peaceful rhythm beside me.

The padding of little feet woke me up, followed by the swinging of our bedroom door.  I could see a small silhouette floating closer and closer to me and then in one fluid motion, using my elbow as a handle, M crawled up into our bed, swinging his little body over mine and into the safety of the spot between mom and dad.

I stifled a cough and lay there waiting to see what he’d do next.  I allowed my eyes to close.  Felt his soft warmth close to me.  The smoothness of his velvety skin.

It was what came next that I’ll treasure today and into all my tomorrows:  the weight of an arm flung loosely around my neck.  His hand moving up to touch my cheek.  A whisper.

“I love you so much, Mama.”

“I love you too.  Even more.”

I could see the contours of his face change in the shadows and knew a smile was spreading across his face while he traced the lines on my own.

That is what I’m grateful for today.


Another little gift wrapped up in a small moment. Just for me.

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One Response to Small Moments

  1. Mary DY says:

    The same M of the amana revolt? Gotta love him. For years our own M was the “most likely to want to hug” and minutes later the “most likely to want to STRANGLE” without missing a beat.

    Yes, the same kid. And let me reassure you, I can relate to the STRANGLE part! Sometimes I wonder if our kids are bi-polar.

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