Nothing to Say

Last spring I went to a writer’s conference in Chicago that was packed with all kinds of wonderful seminars, advice from published authors, and meetings with editors.  For me it was a fantastic learning experience and a handy excuse to visit one of my best friends in the Chicago suburbs.  It was also time to sit and absorb the wisdom from people who have been there, done that.

One thing I heard over and over again was the importance of an online presence–but–if you’re tweeting, blogging, facebooking, have something to say.  Nobody wants to hear about the contents of your dryer’s lint drawer.  Not many people care how many hours you spent raking leaves or what you scraped out of the bottom of your oven.  And so, as I blog and facebook, I try to keep that nugget in the back of my mind.

I have not posted anything here for about five days, which, although I’m not officially keeping track, is probably the longest stretch I’ve gone since being on vacation in the computer-free mountains of central Washington this past July.  The past five days at our house have been full of illness: fevers, sore throats, sneezing, sinus problems, sleep.  My husband and I have been taking temperatures in the middle of the night and breaking our own self-induced Coke fast just to stay awake the next day.  It hasn’t been terrible.  It’s just that I’m really not a picture of congeniality at 7:30 the next morning in those conditions.  I’m sure you can relate.

Above all, with life slowed down and confined largely to our home, I just haven’t had much to say.  Our kids, my usual fodder for general hilarity and blunder-making, have been out of commission.  [I’m thinking of docking their pay and will definitely be relaying the message of their slackness to Santa.]

So, as one trying to live out the wisdom of people much smarter than myself, I am abstaining from nonsensical blog entries that bore you and drive you to consider gauging your own eyes out with a spoon.  Hopefully tomorrow will be illness free, full of hilarity, and blunders aplenty!  Then I’ll be back clicking away.

Please come back.

Bring your friends.



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One Response to Nothing to Say

  1. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    I’m sorry your house is so full of sick. I know folks say that about blogging, but I can’t help wondering how to reconcile the sucess of blogger like Dooce who talk about mundane bits and pieces of life. Granted her timing was perfect and she is a good writer, but I think people do care a wee bit about lint and sock drawers…at least I do. I love little peaks at people’s lives. It enrichens my view of humanity.

    So feel free to babble any time.

    Thanks for that reminder–you’re right about Dooce. And thanks for permission to babble. I guess the tension is more in the creative process of making those babble-stories interesting. This week it feels harder than it used to. I’m trying not to analyze what that might mean… 🙂

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