Two Joys

il_430xN.96167420 1.  I found these adorable earrings right after I wrote “Little Sparrows” and fell in love with them immediately.  Being a girl with short hair, earrings are an essential to getting dressed.  Without them, I feel totally boyish and naked.  Since my jewelry collection consists of four things I’ve bought for myself, two things from my husband, and something one of my kids bought at Santa’s Secret Workshop last year, I often feel stuck in a rut of slim pickings.  That means that 90% of the time I wear hoops.  They’re fun, they go with everything, and they happen to never go out of style.

These baby sparrows, however, seemed to be cute and quirky, classy and different all at the same time.  I bought them and they arrived today!  I’m going to take my husband’s comment [“I’ve never seen anything like them.”] as code for “You are now, truly, one in a million.” Hooray for my first joy of the day, and thanks to “Made by Sam” for the creativity.

Next, dear readers, I’m thrilled–elated even–to share with you that we’ve had a successful meal tonight!  I made meatloaf, roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes [holy cow], and steamed edamame.  Everyone loved everything!  My daughter filled up on the greens, which I’m officially recording as a bonafide MIRACLE.  The potatoes, according to my husband, were “the best potatoes [I’ve] ever made.” And they didn’t call for any butter!  Yippee!!  Hooray for joy #2!

Finally, a resolution:

With the encouragement of my good friends, I’ve decided that Kam is right:  Kids are smart, and if I let them think I’m a short-order cook, they’ll take me for a ride.  Amazing it took me so long to grow this brain.  I’ve been on that ride, and I’m ready to get off.  This is not Cedar Point or the county fair.  This is my kitchen and I’m re-staking my claim!

So tonight, as I set a lovely table for dinner, I told them that we would be operating with new rules.  No second choices, other options, or meal plan B.  What they get is what they get.  Love it or leave it.

And as Janet said, “If you don’t like it,…breakfast’s at 8.”


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4 Responses to Two Joys

  1. Kamarah says:

    You go girl!!!! Congrats on a success!!!! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    wow…meals must be a hot topic! me & my girlfriends have been talking about this too! i am a pretty fussy eater…and DONT want my kids to be like me 😦 so, from early on, if our kids throw a fit & dont eat…they have to sit at the table till we’re all done eating, devotions, talking, etc. we then wrap up their plate & put in fridge till they are hungry…otherwise, they wait till breakfast.

    one thing i think i WILL do, is intro one or two “different” meals/week…and then the other nights, the ol stand-bys…tacos, spaghetti, chicken…good luck 🙂

  3. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    Ditto of Kam! YOU GO GIRL!!! Glad you made this decision!

  4. Lor says:

    YAY! to saying ‘NO’! I love ‘ breakfast’s at 8’! Remember…that also means no huge snacks at bedtime :). I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve ever made me, soon your kids will realize what they’ve been missing!

    I’m giving you permission to ask me if I’m sticking to my guns! Easier said than done sometimes, but so far so good!

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