O-for-2: What’s new?!

Prepare yourself for shocking news.  My little recipe experiment is heading straight for the toilet.  Do not pass, go, do not collect $200–head straight for the toiletOn the double.

Episode 1

Tuesday night I made mushroom-Swiss burgers with sweet potato fries [+ Asian dipping sauce.]  The burgers were great; pretty hard to mess up a burger though–especially one smothered in sauteed mushrooms, fresh garlic, and Swiss cheese. The sweet potato fries were OK, but the Asian dipping sauce was too different to appeal to our youngsters.  With a base of peanut butter, chopped red peppers and toasted sesame oil, it sounded fantastic in theory, but just didn’t turn into the crowd pleaser I was hoping for.  At least the paper plates were festive.

IMG_3801One little detail I neglected to share with you is that the sweet potatoes called for sesame seeds.  Normally, I would not bat an eye at this, but for some reason that night, I was thinking about that old Ryan Phillipe movie “Antitrust” in which he’s an up-and-coming computer processor guy who is hired by Tim Robbins into something like Microsoft.  Anyway, it’s a great thriller if you’ve never seen it.  One of the details that turns into an important piece of information is that Ryan’s character is allergic to sesame seeds.  So, as I’m sprinkling them on to the potatoes to roast, I’m thinking of this movie.IMG_3804

And then, LOOK what happened to my daughter [after I FORCE her to eat it, whether she likes it or NOT!]:

IMG_3802Can you see the redness under her eye?  Can you see the raised white dots and rashy-patch spreading out like eye-black on a Major Leager?

Great.  I’ve poisoned my kid.

I’ve tried a new recipe, which they didn’t even like, and to boot, I’ve given my daughter a rash.   And did I mention it was under both eyes?

Episode 2:

Wednesday nights are always a bit hurried around here.  We have a weekly commitment and have to leave the house at 6:05, so you can imagine what it’s like at about 5 pm.  Craaaaziness! Being the superior home manager that I am [*cough], I try to plan something easy for dinner.  Thus, as I looked through my new cookbook, my sweet little piece of supposed salvation, I selected page 30 for tonight: fried fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwiches.  I grilled them instead, but followed the directions to soak them in egg first, a ‘la French toast.  Another twist that I thought would be a nice change.  A few notes of a different, yet lovely tune.


Note to self:  easy at our house = PB & J from now on, forever and ever AMEN.

Remind me of this should I ever fall down and suffer some sort of memory-altering injury.   Or if I decide to beat myself in the head with a frying pan out of anger that I just cannot BUY a good home-cooked meal.

So here’s what it looked like around 5:40 in the land of bliss:

Image 1:

Fresh mozzarella melted on grilled Ezekiel bread with fresh Romas sliced lengthwise.


Image 2:

“Eeew!  I don’t like this kind of cheese!” ~  “Are you sure this isn’t a fried egg?!” To which I reply, kindly and gently:  “Fine, DOGGONE IT!!  Peel it off, but eat the sandwich!  [then graciously add…] How ’bout we add some ham to it?” They reply:  “OK, but can we take off the tomato, too?”


Image 3:

…And it meets its sad, inevitable end with our dog, who sniffs it over and eats only part of it. I QUIT!!


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4 Responses to O-for-2: What’s new?!

  1. Tammy says:

    Hahaha! Listen, i’ve been there too! I once served a fried rice dish for dinner. My son and daughter went through every bit of it, picking up *only the rice* with their fingers, and leaving everything else in their plates!! They did the same with pot pie, eating the meat and potatoes, and leaving everything else (mom, why did you put all this sauce in it? We don’t like sauces!)
    Cooking well is hard stuff. I started looking out for recipes based on stuff that my kids would eat, then slowly introducing stuff. I’m telling ya, you can’t go wrong with pasta.
    good post, as usual!

    I’ll have to get some pasta ideas and start rotating them in! I didn’t grow up eating a lot of it, so it’s not a something I usually turn to. Amazing how much we turn into our mothers, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    oh, jane, i feel your pain! i love this post…when i first got married the ONLY thing that paralyzed me w/ fear, was that i would have to think of supper ideas for the next 60 years…ugh! and then introduce kids into the mix, and it aint pretty. your meals looked scrumptious to ME…so, save the fun stuff for girlfriends & nights w/ just your hubby…rock on with the peanut butter, till they’re older… the tears (and rashes) just aren’t worth it!!!

    You’re right, Rachel! …and yes, thinking of 60 years of dinner ideas gives me an ulcer. Maybe we just have too many choices?

  3. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    This is precisely why we eat pasta, chicken nuggets and burgers in my house almost every night. I know Supernanny would slap me a in a naughty chair for feeding such junk to my kids — but I’m tired of cooking lovely meals only to have to fight them to eat it.

    Nights are much more pleasant when they actually eat and I can relax.

    Amen! I’m quickly coming around to your way of thinking! My husband just told me the same thing: give them a sandwich [or something they’ll eat] and forget the fancy stuff. At least my blood pressure won’t be through the roof!

  4. Randall says:

    Jane, your posts always brighten my day! My favorite picture is the last one with the dog. If it makes you feel better, I would eat your cooking. Looks delicious!

    Thanks, Randy! Come over anytime for dinner. We seem to have lots of leftovers and rejects! Does Jessica have any good recipes to share??

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