Scouting the Divine

291220_1_ftcI hit the jackpot today with my addictive talk-radio habit: Midday Connection had Margaret Feinberg on discussing her new book, Scouting the Divine:  My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey.

I was so touched–I cried, my chin trembled [that’s a great look for me], I breathed deeply.

The connections Margaret made between God and her real-life aggrarian friends were stunning [she spent time with a shepherd, a vintner, a bee-keeper, and a farmer].  Additionally, the depth of perception she shared on the show was absolutely heart-stopping for me, especially around the issue of Christ as our shepherd.  A familiar idea, perhaps, but her insights helped me view this profound reality in a fresh light.  Prepare to move beyond the flannel boards!

If you have an hour without distractions, I’d highly recommend listening.  Grab a hot chocolate, a blanket, and your Bible, and prepare to see Jesus in a new way.

Listen Here 🙂 [p.s., if you’re finding this post after October 20, just search the date or Margaret’s name]

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2 Responses to Scouting the Divine

  1. Margaret was at Catalyst and talked about her book and then GAVE US ALL A COPY FOR FREE! Got to love conference goodies!

    Wally–lucky you!! Let me know what you think! Maybe a book review on your blog? 🙂

  2. Jane,
    I was a crying mess sitting in a Noodles and Co. resaurant preparing for the interview the night before, reading Margaret’s book. It really is good stuff. Glad you enjoyed the interview!
    I’m glad to hear that some of that emotion traveled through the air waves.

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