Tales of Kitchen Woes [take 61]


Our attempts at trying to eat healthier have basically translated into simply using less cheese and more grill.  I’m trying, really I am.  Trying to stick to proteins and vegetables, occasionally some bread, but making an effort at reducing creamy-ish, pastry-ish, and fried-ish things.

So, our menu tonight, as seen above, was a baked organic whole chicken, broccoli slaw, an assortment of roasted vegetables, and a slice of bread with butter.  I’d give myself a B on this one; not as good as my Paula Deen mini-meatloaves from Monday, but passable, for sure.

Of course, our kids pulled up their little noses immediately.   In general, they like tan foods:

peanut butter.


hamburgers/hot dogs.

chicken nuggets.

french fries.


graham crackers.

Jeesh. It sounds like I’m preparing a Biggest Loser Temptation Challenge!…or committing food abuse!

It’s not like they’re eating those foods daily–I’m just saying–if they were Pippy Longstocking and living alone, they certainly wouldn’t seek out steamed edamame.  At our house,  veggies = bartering.

The kids want to “make a deal” with me to eat 3 broccoli trees instead of the 5 on their plate.  Even if I let them choose their veggie I still see them gag it down with their nose plugged and face growing increasingly pink.  [seriously, does this happen at your house??]  One time my oldest son actually vomited up his asparagus onto his dinner plate. I am not joking.

So ‘ya wanna know the very first comment I heard about tonight’s chicken?

Take a guess.

It was my sweet little girl who looked at me with a squished-up look on her face, eyes welling in the tears of repulsion.  And in a split second, we went from thanking Jesus for our food…to this:

Mom, this tastes like the bottom of a shoe.

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2 Responses to Tales of Kitchen Woes [take 61]

  1. Stacey N says:

    Oh, Jane!! I’m laughing like crazy. You’re not alone sister. I call it fear factor over here trying to get my kiddos to eat their veggies & non-brown foods for dinner. Yes, lots of scrunched up noses here.

  2. Tammy says:

    Try more pasta! my kids will eat anything with pasta, even vegetables. It could be that they are half italian, and pasta is as revered as the Church is over here. I have to say, too, that children shouldn’t have a ‘kid’s menu’ and the adult’s the ‘adult menu’. of course, this is hard to do there in america, where it is custom. this summer we went back to the states for a visit, and I kept sending back the kid’s menus at all the restaurants. You should have seen the weird glances, as if the waitress was wondering ‘what in the heck are they going to eat?’ My son summed it all up in these words: Why do I need a different menu, mom? All the good stuff is on your menu!’
    Don’t give up on the healthier eating decision. It’ll take some practice and tweaking before you come up with your army of sure fire recipes. I’ve gone through hundreds it seems.
    Baked chicken is a doozy. here are my tips, learned from more than 10 years of homecooking.
    Soak the chicken overnight (or at least 2 or 3 hours) in cold water with a tablespoon of salt and a slice of lemon. The salt penetrates the meat, makes it tastier, and the lemon tenderizes. Trust me, it won’t taste like a shoe. If you overbake chicken, it will get dry and leathery, so be sure to put oil in the pan while it is cooking, especially if you take off the skin.
    hope this helps. You’ve given me a good idea about picky eaters. I have so many successful recipes, I should start posting them on my blog.
    I enjoy your blog!

    Thanks, Tammy! Love the chicken idea! And, yes–we need to work towards not providing a plan B when the kids pull up their noses. Thanks for reading!

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