Feelin’ Crafty…again

Hello, Again, dear readers.  If you’ve checked in with me or looked at my Facebook page, you know that I’m having issues with my computer, a’la no functioning keyboard.  I’ve found that this makes keeping up with my cyber life quite impossible.  Thankfully, I’m borrowing a used keyboard tonight, and while my heart wells up with gratitude, the sticky space bar [literally sticky–and sticking] is wearing my love a bit thin.  Hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

At any rate, I first posted “Feelin’ Crafty” on Monday night, only to wake up to a call from my “manager” alerting me to the fact that the post had mysteriously disappeared.  I have couple guesses as to what may have happened, but rather than boring you with my extended cyber problems, I’ve decided to re-post it.  Thanks to those of you who left comments the first time.  Sorry that they appear to be irretrievable–I really do love the encouragement from you!

On to the craft…

img24mWhen I first saw this Potter Barn artwork last spring, I fell in love with its clever design, innocence, and whimsy.  I usually, however, do not fall in love with their prices.  Deciding this looked  feasible to reproduce at home, I went to my local hobby store and bought the components that seemed to be most obvious to my untrained artist within:

Craft buttons, rubber cement, canvas frames, Tempera paint, and foam brushes.

And who knew that it would be so easy a six year old could do it?!

IMG_3615We arranged our letter on the painted canvas…


My daughter’s first draft before we mutually decided to stick with cursive letters…


We added colored buttons around the white base letter…


And, wallah! Here is my finished “A” hanging in her bedroom.   I will honestly say, though, that her “J” is prettier!  She did a great job and we loved doing something new and creative together.


Here they are in her room!

Canvas Button Art: $12 each.  Bonding with daughter:  priceless

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