Sugar Two Ways

One of the great things about being gone with my husband, aside from getting a brief vacation from Mommyland, is getting to do stuff together that we don’t do at home.  Such as ordering pizza and eating it in bed while watching Monday Night Football.  Ah, the little things…

One of these adventures led to an interesting conversation in which we came up with our own theory concerning sugar.  I’m testing it on you to see if you agree.  Here it is:

If sugar is going to be combined, we think it can best be partnered with two things:  Salt and Milk, separately.  I’d make the case for salt to be part of the larger “spice/spices/spicy” category, but for our purposes here, I’ll stick to salt only.

SUGAR + SALT examples:

Coke + chips/french fries/pretzels

Margarita + salt-rimmed glass


SUGAR & MILK examples:

Pie/cake/cookies + milk

Breakfasts with a syrup component + milk  [in my opinion, milk with french toast or pancakes WAY trumps OJ.]


Obviously, this is subject to opinion.  I know people who enjoy pop with their cake & ice cream, or who don’t particularly crave the salty-sweet combo.  I guess everyone’s taste buds are different, but I’m curious to see if you can de-bunk this theory.  Can you think of a good sugar combo besides these listed?  Or would you add an example to my list?

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4 Responses to Sugar Two Ways

  1. val says:

    where would coffee fit in? 🙂

  2. heartscape says:

    Val, good one. We don’t drink coffee, so we didn’t even think about that one! Got me 🙂

  3. smalltownsmalltimes says:

    sugar + fat? e.g. dounts, frosting, chocolate, butter cookies…

  4. Tumbleweed says:

    I think coffee, cola and chocolate could be considered bitter + sugar, and there’s the chilies with chocolate and sugar or Thai food, which could be spicy sweet. Then of there’s sour + sugar in lemonade or limeade, whiskey sour, and sour candy. And I totally second sugar and fat; everything on that list is yummy, yummy.

    This post is a clever one, good idea.

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