Casino Life 101

This is one of those signs that you just can’t walk past without stopping.

And staring.

Perhaps briefly taking a picture with a camera phone [hypothetically speaking].

Scratching your head and letting a “Hmm” escape, slow and ponderous.

Really?  We need a sign to remind us not to leave our children in the car?  Are these casino goers so crazy for the slots that they’d literally run from their vehicles, forgetting their own offspring??  Is the allure of the lights and bells that seductive?

Imagine the scene: Ginnie and Trish peel into the casino parking lot, exhaust pipe belching black smoke powerful enough to compete only with the smoke unfurling from the window courtesy of Trish’s Camel unfiltereds.   Little Austin is strapped into the back seat of the Torino trying to focus on Handy Manny’s exploits when the engine stutters to a stall.  With rolls of quarters bouncing in their pleather bags hot with certain luck, the girls barely stop long enough to crookedly apply their Wet-n-Wild lipstick before hopping out of the car.  Just as Ginnie reaches under the seat for her AquaNet, she is startled by Trish’s piercing squeal:   “Ginnie!!  GIT over here, girl!  We’re going to be late! The slots will be taken! Forget your hair and let’s GO!”

Payless heels clicking loudly against the pavement, little Austin is left to spend the day with Manny in the Torino.  Alone while mom flirts at the Blackjack table, he wonders why she didn’t see the sign reminding her to utilize the casino childcare facility.

Maybe she didn’t want to cut into her winnings?

PS:  I’m not here with Ginnie or Trish.  My husband’s at a convention and I’m keeping him company 🙂

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One Response to Casino Life 101

  1. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    hope you’re having fun! If you miss kid noise, just give me a ring…I’d love to chat:)

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