Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: Slow Drivers in the Passing Lane.

People, it’s called the passing lane for a reason.

I know it’s tempting to drive with an entire lane spread out wide across your windshield.

I understand your desire for control, and your desire to be a separate entity from those employing a more leisurely pace.


It must be said:  I don’t understand why you insist on remaining in this lane WHEN YOU’RE NOT PASSING ANYONE.

Please note exhibit A, taken by me this summer.  As a favor for Mr. Clueless, I’ve blotted out his license plate.  I have yet to blot out his trespass driving miscalculation, however.  I’m working on that.  With my counselor.

IMG_3124OK, I’ll concede that I’m no driver’s ed instructor, though I should be.  But.  Notice the long line of respectful, law-abiding drivers on the right.  Good job, folks.  Kudos to you!  Way to enhance the flow of traffic!

Now turn your attention to sad Mr. Blue Car.  Note that he could easily slide over into the right hand lane and still leave an appropriate distance between himself and the gray car.   If I were playing Rush Hour, I would totally move his fanny without giving it a second thought. It’s an obvious and sensible strategy.

What makes me crazy about the Mr. Blue Cars of the world is that they TRAP those of us wishing to drive faster than 45 mph by making it impossible to maneuver around them!  There is not enough space to pass him on the right, not to mention you’re not supposed to pass on the right.  And so I return to my initial point:


And then kindly get out of my way.

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