Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: No-Shows


We’ve been trying to sell this sweet little kitten for a couple of weeks now.  I would’ve thought that some eager high-schooler would’ve snatched her up like a Dutchman crossing a penny in the street, but alas, no.  There have been phone calls from “interested” shoppers, and even a couple of folks who have had the privilege of driving in the luxurious, smoke-free, V6 carriage of fun.  And it is fun.  Oldsmobile is synonomous with fun.  Just ask Tiger Woods.  Fun.

However, what I don’t understand are the people who call me, feign interest, tell me they’re coming to check it out, ask me to wait at home for their vague arrival time,…and then don’t show up.

What’s the deal, people!?  Three times this has happened!  Didst thou suddenly develop swine flu, and because thou art in quarantine thou art forbidden to pick up the phone to cancel thine appointment?  Didst thoust case of Carpel Tunnel flare, hindering thou fromst using thine telephone to call me?  Didst thou endure a frightful home explosion which destroyed thoust calendar?  And memory?

I have to say:  IT’S RUDE.  I try to be gracious, although I fully admit to failing daily.  BUT.  In my mind, it seems a matter of common decency to follow through.  To be courteous of another’s time and family life.  To be honest.  To speak the truth.

So, my fellow Americans.  Please.  For the love of all that is good and pure, either:

1.  Show up when you say you’re going to.


2.  Don’t make the promise.

Fair enough?

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2 Responses to Things I Don’t Understand Thursday: No-Shows

  1. We could use a second vehicle, how much? I’ll come for a test drive some time tomorrow, not sure when, could you be home all day? You know, when it’s convenient to me.

  2. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    seeeer-iously! This has so frequently on Craigs List (I’m assuming that’s how ppl heard about it?)! It’s like half the readers on Craigs List don’t have common decency!

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