Come On Over!


Friends!  I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to do some blogging for West Michigan’s own kids’ TV show, Come On Over! Supported by the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, this show has already won numerous Michigan Emmy Awards and has been lauded by critics and families alike!  It’s a privilege to be joining their team for the next little while, and I hope you’ll follow the blogging community that’s intended to inform and empower parents and caregivers.

Childrens’ play is the focal point of this show, and if you’ve never tuned it, I encourage you to check your local listings–especially if you have 4-8 year olds at home!   Stories about creativity, imagination and unstructured playtime come to life with silly characters and even funnier neighbors who stop by or pop their heads over the fence.

Check out their updated website and find me on the “grown-ups” page, or access the site through the Children’s Museum homepage here.

Thanks for reading…now go out and play!

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3 Responses to Come On Over!

  1. Scott Millen says:


    I need to point out that COO! isn’t on television at this point. You will, however, find downloadable episodes at the site, for a Pay What You Want fee. Now, EVERYONE can SEE COO!

  2. Andy Losik says:

    Very cool Jane!

    I am glad lots of people will get share a dose of your personality. Old Bentheim still misses it.

    I wanted to share with you, that I will soon be featured at Solutions for Busy Families as a family-tech writer sharing ways technology can make life easier.They were really happy with article #1 and #2 is in the works. No promises of $ but I am glad to share ideas.

    Oh, if we only had these tools 10 years ago with our 6th graders.

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