Moments With Love

Ever since I was little I’ve had a nudging–gentle, but there–prompting me to act of behalf of those with small voices.  Or no voices.  I remember vividly lying in bed one night when I was probably 11, drawing a picture of a huge community home I was going to build for homeless folks in our city.  Forget counting sheep–I was counting empty beds and dreaming of how something as simple as clean sheets could change an outlook–an attitude–a life.

This nudging progressed to mission trips and two summers spent in South America working with kids and families living in poverty.  I loved it–I loved the language, the music, the lifestyle [who can reject mandatory naptime?!]  When I got back, one of my college housemates [now best friend] and I planned a fundraising campaign on campus where we asked everyone we knew for $5–the mere cost of a pizza–to purchase Bibles and send them to a mountain church in Peru.  Most recently, my Bible-shipping friend and I started our own-nonprofit which we ran for nearly five years.  Our focus was to provide for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV in Africa.  Because I still believe that clean sheets, a school uniform, a nutritious lunch can change an outlook–and attitude–a life.

This was only further branded on my soul when we traveled to Zambia in 2004.  It changed the way that I look at so many things–even to this day.  Which brings me to Love…


As often happens in the ever-expanding blogospere, I found myself clicking into infinity one night last weekend.  Who knows where I started or how I ended up at Moments With Love, but I did, and I’m so glad.  I’ve added a link in my margins to her website [she goes by “Love”] so that you can read her story; a story of God’s great and infinite planning.  A story of grace.  Of how he brought together two people with a heart for kids and adoption, and placed a desire within them to bring home two little girls from Uganda.   Unfortunately,  these types of ventures cost money [darn capitalism].  Which is stupid.  Why not judge a family by their love and potential to nurture a child emotionally and physically and spiritually–rather than whether or not they have an extra $20 grand in their bank accounts?  I’m writing my congressman…

So and if you’re moved [i.e. if your heart is beating within your chest] you can decide if you’d like to cheer her on by making a purchase or donation to help them bring their little girls home.

Check them out and send her a note of encouragement.

PS: the necklaces are made by Ugandan woman and your purchase will help to fund their livelihood, too.  We all know that mothers with money mean kids with full bellies.  Which is a good thing.

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2 Responses to Moments With Love

  1. Shannon says:

    I think it’s really ironic (but c’mon, we know that God is the source of irony, coincidence, etc. 😀 ) that you found her website the same week I found Katie’s. And Gwen’s. 🙂

  2. ~love says:

    so thankful for this….through my tears. thank you!

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