Hello, My Name is Jane, and I Have I.C.D.

My brain works in strange ways.

I am increasingly distracted by my surroundings and by the everyday jobs that pull me in 17 different directions before I finish even one of them.  It’s frustrating, but I know that many moms struggle with this.  After years of the media championing the skill of multi-tasking, I think we’re all finding out [after a surge of moms-gone-crazy signing up for spa weekends and copious amounts of Prozac], that all multi-tasking does is fray your hard-wiring and lead to nervous breakdowns.

Or heavy drinking.  Or at least, contemplating taking up heavy drinking.

OK, maybe not for you [wink wink], but I’m guessing you’ll agree that it surely diminishes the quality of work you’re able to accomplish on any one task when three kids are pulling on your arms, shouting over-top of each other, and threatening to die from hunger if they don’t have a peanut butter sandwich in their face in approximately 21.8 seconds.

One thing that I think my brain does do well, however, is making connections.  Unfortunately these aren’t always the kinds of connections that are helpful, like recalling which animals were most recently added to the Endangered List, or which glaciers are most rapidly shrinking from global warming,…but other “interesting” connections that, frankly, are utterly useless and quite possibly, annoying.

My secret little skill habit obsession, is that I connect faces.  A lot.

On a girls-only shopping trip to Chicago this fall, one of my friends decided that I needed a diagnosis after 15 postulations like, “Oh my word.  Ya’ know who he looks like?!”  [Of course I’m thrilled to have made such an important “discovery.”]  Or saying, “She totally reminds me of an African-American version of so-and-so, except with curly hair.”


So, back to my “diagnosis”.  With the help of other really smart 30-somethings, we decided I have  I.C.DInter-Connectivity Disorder, because in my brain, faces [in particular] get automatically connected.   Now, this is an invented diagnosis, but I think it sounds real-enough to be true–don’t you?

To showcase my ICD, I have selected two reality-show TV contestants who I think have similar-looking counterparts in Hollywood.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Am I crazy?  Or, rather, what level of crazy am I?  You decide!

Case Study #1: Project Runway star [voted off last week]: Ari Fish looks like Samantha Ronson







Case Study #2: Design Star [HGTV] Contestant: Jason Champion looks like Will Ferrell but with staighter hair.  This one is a bit more of a stretch, but if you watch the show and see Jason in action, I’m confident you’d agree with me 🙂


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19 Responses to Hello, My Name is Jane, and I Have I.C.D.

  1. shyoshya says:

    I have no idea there is a name for this. I.C.D.

    I thought it is always me being a bit more imaginative. but unlike you, I link to animals and objects (rarely to another human individual) much much faster. =p

  2. Paul says:

    I agree with your photo pics, but more importantly, your description of the ill effects of multi-tasking is something I can totally relate to.
    I have a job where I am constantly being interrupted, and have little bits of unfinished projects here and there to the point that it often feels like I am about to lose track of everything as it all dissolves into chaos! LOL

    • bydegrees says:

      lol! The super hero version of OCD!
      Seriously though, I’ve wondered if people like myself could turn OCD to their advantage like this. It would take alot of self-control, but I think it could work.

  3. Edine says:

    even without 3 kids, I feel I might have symptoms of this I.C.D. Just turned 25 and still, I feel scattered and all over the place, like a kid in a candy store. Maybe it’s just what you call being a free-spirit: one who walks along the unbeaten path; one who struggles with restrictions in a world filled with a gazillion opportunities to refrsh oneself…I’m rambling:) But I can definitely dig it, and sometimes, I can really appreciate it.

  4. lastmidnight says:

    Yay! I’m not the only one! No, you’re def not crazy, those two examples definitely look alike.

  5. Specs says:

    Good Lord, you are SO RIGHT! I think it’d be a cool ‘disorder’ to have 😉

  6. suburbanmummyuk says:

    Hi I have no idea how I got here but here I am!

    I agree the first pictures could be the same it’s like S ronson finally made a effort!

    Last two a little similar. But is the other dude ad funny as will?

  7. buttonsandpins says:

    Hi! I also have this inclination to connect one face with another… and this is ICD…
    btw, I enjoyed readingyou post, also learned something new…

  8. Christina says:

    LOL! I remember a conversation I had at a bookstore with my then boyfriend when I was in college (20+ years ago)…we found this book of photos called “Separated at Birth?” It was a series of side by side photos comparing celebrities who look alike. The funniest page featured a comparison of Mary Tyler Moore and The Joker from the 1960’s Batman TV show. The similarity was uncanny. Perhaps you can publish Separated at Birth II !

  9. kozmikfish says:

    I worked as a photographer and photographed a lot of people. I guess as a guy I took more notice of women’s faces but I came to the conclusion that there were about seven basic shapes or forms of face…maybe that was just me generalising!

  10. I thought that Jason Champion looks like Perez Hilton…I also thought it was hilarious that LiLo was judging and a SaMan look a like got auf’d. Heh.

  11. sheldonjames says:

    i have the opposite
    people always have a different celeb they think I look like.
    Outer Connectivity Syndrome?

  12. Chase Saunders says:

    Wow, you’d be a rock star on http://totallylookslike.com/

    I am terrible with faces BTW, almost never forget names though.

  13. Sarah says:

    Okay, I’m just now watching Project Runway from last week…all I have to say is, WHAT IN THE SAM HILL IS THAT ARI GIRL WEARING???? No wonder she gets the boot! (I’m only 1/2 through and obviously her outfit is going to be nasty!)

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