“Things I Don’t Understand” Thursdays: husbands + laundry

Exhibit A:

Let’s talk about this picture, shall we?

If you will direct your attention to the images above you might think, “Yep, that figures…just go ahead and dump your clothes on the closet floor [mumble, mumble].” Or maybe you’re thinking, “BOY!  I thought that only happened at our house!”

What I don’t understand today is why these dearly beloved clothes are on the closet floor.  They seem drawn by some peculiar magnetic pull–perhaps strong rivets and powerful buttons–right down to the carpet.  Each day I walk into this space and there’s a new pile of clothes waiting to be tripped over, stumbled upon, cursed at.   And I hate to say it, but that in itself isn’t the part that makes my split ends curl.

Move along with me, please, to Exhibit B:


The part that gets me just a bit annoyed is the fact that these clothes are left directly adjacent to a provided and fully-functioning laundry receptacle. I haven’t quite figured out yet how to make this process easier for my dear husband [who, in case you’re worried that I’m slandering him, knows fully about this post].

Should I construct a laundry shoot?

Affix a basketball hoop above the hamper to make it fun to be tidy?

Make a ramp from the shower area directly into the laundry basket?

Buy a larger basket that fills up any and all available floor space so that any “accidental dropping” will be caught?


Leave a comment if you have an idea.  I welcome your suggestions.

PS:  Next week’s edition will take a look at one of my own bad habits that I still don’t understand.  We’re all about self-deprecation here–gotta be fair to the hubby 🙂

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4 Responses to “Things I Don’t Understand” Thursdays: husbands + laundry

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a mystery! I’d say buy the hugest basket you can find and see if that works! :O)

  2. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    So, I don’t ever think I’ve asked…did this habit start as a child or was this formed in college? B/c if it was formed in college, I have an idea of who we can blame it on…

  3. I think you should tell him NOT to put them in the basket, and that you want them on the floor. Maybe then he’ll put them in the basket! Just don’t tell him you’re going to try and jedi-mind trick him, or he’ll keep on with the mess.

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