Eleven Years and Counting…



Honeymooning in Colorado

There we were, all shiny and new, fresh from our trip down the aisle, where, on thee hottest and most humid day in the history of the universe, we said our vows and unwrapped a life together.

Now that we’ve surpassed the decade mark, I definitely feel like we’re officially ‘veteran’ enough to dispense advice and share the kind of stories that wipe the fog from our memories and remind us that once it was just him and I: no mortgage, no kids, no dog, few bills.

Of course those are the things of life, and I love the life God has given us.  In fact, imagining my life any other way is an impossible thought.  Removing even one element would be like removing the Jack of Diamonds from a house of cards: it would all come tumbling apart, unable to stand on its own without the strength of another.  Unable to climb as high, unable to steady itself.

That’s how I feel about the life we’ve built.  Comprised of small moments that, when added up, make a lifetime.  Things that to others, mean little or nothing at all.  But to me, they are our private history, and our greatest joy:

Crying with overwhelming love at the birth of each of our three children

Late nights lying on the couch

Laughing together.  Laughter, laughter, laughter.

Sitting on the porch watching a storm roll in

Jumping on the bed at 1 am after Boise State won the football championship

Dreaming and planning and inventing

French toast on Saturday mornings

Reading to our kids

Campfires in cool evening air

Feet in the ocean, ears to the waves, sun on shoulders

Pictures of friends, or better yet, friends in our home

Traveling and enjoying this beautiful creation

Hugs and kisses after work

Meals together and praying with our kids

Loving our church and our community there

The freedom we allow each other to pursue ambitions

Supporting and encouraging

Hilarious camping mishaps that would only happen to us…

Watching our kids’ faces light up with discovery

Knowing that I get to spend this life with my best friend.

Who knew that a kiss at our Freshman Homecoming Dance in 1990 would turn into this?

Some kiss!

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2 Responses to Eleven Years and Counting…

  1. kamarah says:

    LOVE IT!! You guys are adorable!!!

  2. Lyndsey Dykstra says:

    OHHHH!!! I love it! I love to hear women rave and lavish on their husbands b/c it’s EXACTLY what God intended! And I love hearing your memories! Tim will appreciate the BSU one especially!
    Love you both!

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