INTRODUCING: “Things I Don’t Understand Thursdays”

In an attempt to help my regularity [ha!], I’m launching a new theme for Thursday posts:

“Things I don’t Understand.”

Sometimes these will be deep and thoughtful; theological, perhaps.  Other times, I will grapple with questions that are not at all important in the scheme of our lives amidst global warming and weapons of mass destruction.  I’ll try to sprinkle in some humor and maybe even post a picture if I need evidence to make my point.

Today’s topic definitely falls into this latter category of general silliness.

Things I don’t understand: why our kids leave cups of milk, chocolate milk even, hidden around our house for me to find and barf over when I take the lids off.

Refer to exhibit #1 below.


Notice how the chocolate milk has curdled into a patty similar to a slice-of-brain, clinging all soggy and floppy to the straw.


Ignore the clutter on my countertops and the egg shell in the sink.  Instead, focus your attention on exhibit #2 above.  You will see how this almost-cottage-cheese sliver is still hanging onto life.  You can practically smell it, can’t you?  Have you ever visited a cheese-making factory?  I have.  IN AFRICA.  It was disgusting. And now my children have turned our home into a cheese-making factory.


Exhibit #3.  Death in the sink.  I reject the notion of this thing existing in our house.  With nose plugged and brow furrowed, I actually had to chop it up to get it down the disposal.

Note to self: talk to the housekeeper about this horrendous oversight.

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