Nate Berkus, please?

Since I made an appointment to get my hair highlighted next month, I figured why not give my month-old blog a little makeover, too?   It’s almost summer and to me nothing quite evokes the beach like turquoise and lime, so I got suckered into this new layout for the time being.  More upbeat and wistful, I think, than the weeping willow in the mist, however romantic and poetic it may be.  I’m also mulling around a few fun additions that should come to fruition here shortly [if I can figure them out], so keep checking back.

So many WordPressers out there have lovely, colorful, unique sites that make mine seem a bit vanilla and cookie-cutter; I wish Nate Berkus was in the business of advising bloggers on texture and tonality!  While I’m thinking of it, there are a lot of things I wish about Nate [come re-do our bedroom!]… but I digress.

Enjoy the new look 🙂

Until tomorrow,


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